About us

Münt grupp OÜ (Ltd)

One year after Estonia regained it’s independence (1991), our company was founded (1992) to develop, manufacture and market first aid products to Estonian people and businesses. Our first aid kits have always met the Estonian regulations which governed First aid in workplaces (First regulation: 1999 – 2018 and current regulation: 2019 – …)

We manufacture our standard first aid and plaster kits under the brand “Esmaabi FirstAid” . Our manufacturing facility is located in Harku vald, Harjumaa Estonia.  Our client base is wide, stretching from large manufacturers to small catering businesses as well as all public sector services and administrative offices. 

In year 2013 Münt Grupp launched a “smartlifesavers.com” first aid products webstore, through which we sell our own first aid kits as well as wide variety of different first aid products including many well-known brands.  

Münt Grupp has introduced ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality system in it’s production and everyday business activity. All our standard first aid and plaster kits have CE – marking. 

Münt Grupp  mission is to develope, produce and market first aid products which are functional and easy to use also for those who have had no first aid training or speak local language.

Münt Grupp has a vision of a living environment where giving first aid and caring is primary instinct when somebody is in trouble, where help is given regardless of social diferences or language barrier. Giving first aid is the universal language of caring.